Young practice with tremendous experience

MotionDynamix Physiotherapy Egg


Although the practice is relatively young, it builds on more than 42 years of experience. We are located in Egg near Zurich and care for patients from the areas of Zumikon, Zollikerberg, Forch and the Zurich Oberland.

Our practice is located in the Coop Shopping building on the premises of the Fitness Center Fitx (OG1).

MotionDynamix Physio, Prevention, Training and Fitx work independently of each other. We enjoy a good working relationship with the entire Fitx team and have access to the premises of the fitness centers for the therapeutic needs of our patients.

We believe in proactive and direct communication with the treating physicians, physiotherapists, and other healthcare providers that can promote your care and health.


Nilsa Stettler Owner MotionDynamix Physio Prevention Training in Egg

Nilsa Stettler-Padilla

Owner, Managing Director, and Physical Therapist

Nilsa Stettler

My professional career has taken me from
New York City in the United States here to Zurich.

I received my bachelor’s degree in Science and Physical Therapy in 1978.

I spent the beginning of my career at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and Goldwater Memorial Hospital, where I focused on rehabilitation and recovery from serious injuries. Progress was not measured in days and weeks, but rather in months and years. Patience and a good eye for the recovery process remain an essential part of my treatment philosophy today.

My longest place of employment was the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (now Columbia Medical Center, New York Orthopedic Hospital) in New York. There I had the privilege of working with internationally recognized and truly excellent physicians such as Dr. Charles Neer II, Dr. Louis Bigliani, Dr. Christopher B. Michelsen, and Dr. Melvin P. Rosenwasser.

Training, patient care and research were all part of a normal working day. More than 40 years later, my dedication to patient care and training remains strong.

In Switzerland, I had the opportunity to work at the Schulthess Klinik in Zurich and in the Zurich Oberland, in Grüningen and Rüti.


  • Swiss Red Cross License to Practise

My most recent training courses include:

  • GolfPhysioTrainer
  • Instructor gait safety training for old age
  • Kinesio Tape Applications
  • Training therapy (MTT GAMT)
  • TRX Trainer in Suspension and Rip Apparatus
  • DryNeedling Therapist DVS (in training)
  • Fascia Training
  • Training for metabolic disease type 2 diabetes
Evi Glückler, MotionDynamix Physio Egg

Evi Glükler


I have been working for Fitx for over eleven years as a qualified fitness trainer, a qualified nutrition trainer, a certified cardio and functional trainer, and an all-round-fit instructor.

Mrs. Stettler and I met through the close collaboration between Fitx and MotionDynamix. Due to my organizational competence and good administrative skills, I now also perform administrative work for MotionDynamix.

MotionDynamix Physiotherapy in Egg. Harvey always looks over our shoulders

Harvey. Just Harvey!

A silent observer…

About 3.8 billion years of evolution have made the human body the most developed machine on Earth.

Job Opening

For autumn (September) 2021 we are looking for a qualified physio to join our team.