Prevention, an important cornerstone for your health

MotionDynamix Physio Prevention Egg


Physical therapy aims to sustainably optimize your health. This makes prevention an important cornerstone. Prevention is an important cornerstone of this.

Prevention combines training, consultation, and self-help methods to maximize improvements n your health.

In addition, MotionDynamix Physio, Prevention, Training will, where appropriate, recommend external programs or specialists in order to guarantee the best possible care.

Our practice is located in the Fitness Center Fitx. We maintain a good working relationship with the entire Fitx team. Through this collaboration, we have access to a range of training equipment to achieve your goals.

Staying fit is worthwhile at any age!

At MotionDynamix Physio Prevention Training, we focus especially on balance and coordination, fall prevention, weight loss and strength building for type 2 diabetes, back training (especially in case of work-related pain or pregnancy), and strength and endurance building for sports.

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