Treatments are possible with or without a doctor’s prescription:

Treatment with medical prescription

If a medical prescription is available, the costs of physical therapy and MTT will be covered by the basic insurance (after your deductible is met). Please be aware of the specifications of your health insurance policy. Please note that health insurance companies reserve the right to request a report from your doctor. (For more information visit the PhysioSwiss website, not available in English)

Private payers

The following rates apply to private payers:

  • 60CHF/25mins
  • 90CHF/45mins
  • Specific treatments or treatment durations can be agreed upon with the treating therapist.


In the event of an accident during your time of employment, please check with your employer who your accident insurer is. This applies both if the accident occurred at home or at work. You will need a “Schadennummer”.


Für Behandlung und Training verwenden wir teilweise Hilfsmittel (wie Therabänder fürs Kräftigungstraining). Der Kauf solcher Hilfsmittel wird von der Versicherung nicht übernommen und wird Ihnen separat in Rechnung gestellt.